ALWAYS WORKED TOGETHER !! That's how they met.

Both hairdressers by trade. Had their own successful hair and beauty salon in Marbella, Spain for the last 16years (until July '14) Evolvement with Magnetix Wellness started in January 2013.

Never looked back since.

Love the company, it's concept and the products. The products, not only beautiful jewellery and accessories but with a truly wellness effect. Amazed by the results it has had on ourselves, family, friends and massive client base. Testimonials blew us away. What started out as a product line in the salon soon became an extra income and flourished to a proper full time business followed that. The business concept was very exciting and we are now back living in the UK working full time with recruited consultants, representatives & Marketing Directors from Blairgowrie way up in Scotland to Ashford down South in Kent. Not forgetting our International consultants in Spain & Scandinavia.

Working from home, to presentations at businesses, to home parties, to fairs and county events, to large exhibitions. This business is very sociable, fun, exciting and you can do it part time to top up your income or make it your full time job with limitless earnings.

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